Garment Care
a) Frequent and proper laundry or drycleaning services ensure stains, dirt and soil are removed to prevent fiber abrasions and damage to clothing
b) Do not trust all washing labels.
Most tags are mass produced and sewn on in bulk and some garment manufacturers do not pre-wash their fabrics to prevent any further shrinkage.
c) Do not store your garment in plastic.
It only prevents dust. Unless you leave your air-con on 24/7, chances are your garment will smell musky, change colour, or develop mould over time. Our climate does nothing to help and leaving things covered will only speed up the process. It is best to store it your wardrobe, and air it every alternate week.


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Dryclyn Express runs the most laundry collection points in Singapore, recognized and verified by the Singapore Book of Records.

DryCleaning is not really dry. In fact, it is very very “wet”.

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